Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a serious crime that occurs in our communities every day. Domestic violence is abuse or violence between family members, spouses, children, people who are in a dating relationship and people who live together. Victims of domestic violence may need a protective order, which involves the court. Depending on the severity of the violence, the Judge can issue a protective order for up to 2 years.



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Why Choose Us for Domestic Violence Law?

The charges in domestic violence cases can include assault, aggravated assault, battery, aggravated battery, sexual assault, sexual battery, stalking, aggravated stalking, kidnapping, and false imprisonment, as well as other criminal offenses.

If law enforcement is called to a home because of a domestic disturbance, they may arrest the offender as the first step in providing protection for the victim.

A protective order may be issued if the level of violence warrants a protective order. Children and other family members can be included as protected persons in a protective order, depending on the facts of the case. It is important to not delay in filing an application in order to protect your interests. Our firm has helped many domestic violence victims, both as part of an active family law case and even after the case ends.

Domestic violence involves at least one of the following:

  • Child abuse
  • Physical abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Spousal rape
  • Child neglect or endangerment

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